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By the pricking of my thumb...

A few days ago I saw a live chicken walking on the road while comming back from my mother's church. Now if this were MD, I wouldnbt think twice about it, however this is north Jersey right outside of Manhattan. I was a little concerned. When I voiced my concerns to a few people I got the same answer. "Someone is practicing Voodoo" I wasnt quite sure I believed it, so I took a little trip through the woods behind the houses and the church. I didnt find anything unusual untill i got behind the church. While following a path I noticed a lot of grafiti. The deeper in I went, the stranger the grafiti became. When i came to a sewage manhole in the middle of the woods I saw very strange markings on the trees surrounding the manholke. I saw the same markings repeated on the concrete around the manhole its self. So last night my friend Joe (a bigger empath than my self) cameover, and we took a little walk through the woods. We didnt get very far before something told us both to turn around and go back the other way. So we decided to take a different approach and skirt the woods via a main road and take that road directly to the church. Again, we didnt get very near the church before we again got the distinct urge to leave and leave now. Far be it from me to be completely disuaded. We're going back there durring the daylight hours very soon to investigate further. Wish me luck...
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