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New member,very interested!

Hi all!I am very interested in your community as i am deeply connected with the paranormal and would love to do more research projects to uncover hauntings and interact with spirits.I have a moderate degree of phsychic ability and knowledge and i live in CT.there are alot of haunted sites around me where i have seen full blown apparitions and had many "feelings" and "intuitions" of ghosts or other beings there with i guess you could say im tuned in to the supernatural.I also expiriance astral projection and get much out of my dreams.sadly,ive been very sick for the last few years and this has affected my abilities to a degree and i have attracted some negative spirits.i am slowly getting stronger and would like to learn more about all of this because i have been into it my entire life.

if anyone else if from CT,please let me love to swap stories with you or with anyone else and i want to learn,learn,learn!as much as i can and use my abilities for the best and only good love to go into haunted places and read the energy and communicate with the entities there as i have a good sense for who may be also very interested in working with equipment such as infra-red cameras,EVP recordings and any other related devices,but i still have much to learn about

so thats just a little about me.i am hoping to meet some interesting folks here and excited to learn a thing or two!

-Christina Quicksilver
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