Beware the Friendly Stranger (agentoneal) wrote in theparanormal,
Beware the Friendly Stranger

An introduction and an opportunity for you all...

Hello, my name is Chris and I'm new to this community.

I've been a member of coasttocoastam for quite some time, then I decided to expand and look in to other paranormal related communities. I hope you'll have me, and I hope I can generate information suitable enough for the likes of you. I've been studying and researching the paranormal since 1997, and, as far as I can tell, I am very enthusiastic about it!

Now that I have your attention... This is for any of you living in Southern California, around the Ventura/Oxnard area. Actually, my range is about 50 miles in either direction (including L.A.).

I am a film student attending Brooks Institute of Photography in Ventura, CA. The course I am in requires me to make a documentary about a subject of my choice and, well, why not the paranormal? I've always wanted to do a documentary on the paranormal, so now that I have the chance I've decided to do so. It will be a ten minute film discussing the life of an Amateur Paranormal Investigator.

Now, for this documentary I need two things:

1. Someone with extensive knowledge of the paranormal for a personal interview.
2. A group (doesn't necessarily have to be a group, I'd just prefer it to be) of Paranormal Investigators willing to allow me to follow them on an investigation with my camera.

If any of you could be of help and are interested in being in a short film, please contact me. My information is in my user info!

Thanks in advance, and glad to be in this community!
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